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Electric Guest – This Head I Hold


Excellent album. Röyksopp has had a lot of success with their past albums and their music has been featured in quote a few TV commercials. Some of the songs are more electronic while some of them are more pop. Overall, a good blend and definetly worth a listen.


This is the first time I’ve heard about Sander Van Doorn, and I am liking his music so far. Electronic music thats not too hardcore or too flimsy.

The Suburbs

With such high expectations after their previous albums, you would think that the Arcade Fire would stumble and goof up this album. Surprisingly, they don’t. While some tracks are pretty slow and un-inspiring, this album makes quite a nice record to listen to while driving. One can only hope that their magic stays alive.

Man on the Moon: The End of Day

This “Kid” knows how to produce hits. From his popular “Day n Nite” to “Make her Say” (a Parody of Lady Gaga’s track, “Poker face”), all of the tracks from this album sounds original and creative. I’d watch out for this guy.


Natalie Merchant has a voice that can touch your inner core. A strong voice with the right lyrics explains this album perfectly.

Game Theory

Strong beats and these guys are not too shy to talk about what’s on their mind. “In the Music” is one of the best hip-hop tracks I’ve heard in a long while.

It’s Blitz!

Exactly what you would expect from the yeah yeah yeah’s. crazy, random and loud music that you just can’t get enough of.


I can’t get over their style. I think its the voice of the lead singer or maybe just how varied each track is. Either way, a definite listen.

So Dark the Con of Man

These guys definitely know how to put an album together. Good beats with tracks in more than one language. Perfect album to play in your car.