One of the first things I learned when I started learning HTML was how to link one page to another by using the <a> tag. For example <a href=“”>Google</a> links the text “Google” to Another piece of code you could add to the <a> tag was “mailto” which would make the link open up a window in your email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird etc) so that you could start typing an email.

But I have to wonder: with the majority of people nowadays using webmail based email applications (like Gmail, Hotmail etc) instead of applications like Outlook, is the mailto tag a thing of the past? Also remember that spambots can pick up email addresses that are embedded in the mailto tags making it another reason why most people don’t use mailto tags anymore.

But if the mailto tag is in the past, what is the future?

recently on twitter

Recently on Twitter :

  • current playlist: arctic monkeys, modest mouse, interpol, chemical brothers, pharcyde, death cab 4 cutie, dr dre, fiction plane, the streets
  • worked on projects in php, python and asp all in the same day. that was fun. circus in an elevator kinda fun
  • watching three cheesy halloween movies back-to-back-to-back
  • i love it when people make up words in their songs and call it “poetic license”
  • just finished reading an amazing book called “the translator”

No SSL for you

With web applications popping everywhere, there is an interesting trend going on that I find surprising. Most of these applications have trial accounts where you can sign up and use a limited version of their program for free. When you need more options, you pay a fee and these companies make money when people start signing up for their paid plans. To get people to sign up for the paid plans, they limit the free accounts to just the basics so that the user gets hooked into using the program. Simple right?

The thing that surprises me is when these companies think that security is something that needs to be an extra feature. Most of these companies offer SSL security when you use their application. SSL helps to protect the data you send from your computer to their servers. It kinda makes sense if the trial accounts don’t include SSL security. But some of these companies don’t offer SSL security unless you upgrade to a “premium” plan and not just any paid plan. If I am paying a company money to use their services, I think it only makes sense if they take the extra step to secure my data. SSL certificates are not expensive if you are charging your customers, so why be greedy?

Just think of the most popular online applications online. From what I found, a lot of these companies follow this trend. I think providing all your accounts with SSL security is a good way of saying, “we will do everything we can to make sure your data is safe with us”. Who wouldn’t love hearing that?

Facebook Spam

Facebook Spam This is why I have never been a fan of Facebook. I started to get 5-6 of those requests from people to join a group or add an application and eventually i started ignoring them. Last night I logged in and this is what I found. (click on the image for the full version)

Red turn signals

I was driving around town yesterday when I got stuck behind an elderly woman driving 20mph in a 40mph zone on a single lane road. While waiting to pass her, I noticed that the rear turn signal light on her minivan was red. Now, the standard for most cars is to have three different sets of lights on the back of the car with their respective colors. One for the brakes, which is usually red. The turn lights, which is usually orange (and sometimes red) and of course the reverse lights, which is white in color.

But why do car manufacturers think that using the color red for the brake lights and the turn signals is a good idea? I know that its easy to figure out that the blinking light probably means that the car is about to turn left or right, but doesn’t it just make sense to use the standard color that people usually associate turn signals with?

It’s these small design-standards that make tiny differences. When its raining cats and dogs and you can barely see the car in front of you, it just might make a difference to know if the car in front of you is slowing down or making a turn into your lane.

What a Day

  • Woke up at 4.30 in the morning to the sound of things falling off my desk. Found out later that it was an Earthquake
  • Sometime in the afternoon, wind and rain knocked out the power for an hour.
  • The power knockout killed my hard drive.

Thank god for backups.

Helvetica Mug

helvetica mug helvetica mug

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Muxtape: Brilliant idea. Need to share a playlist with your friend? Create an account, upload and you are on your way. It’s easy to use and looks just way too nice.

Google has answers

Google has the answer to life the universe and everything, and the number of horns on a unicorn [via PC World]


I have a feeling that the pick-up line of my generation is going to be “will you be my constant”